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Shop for artwork based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Orenda Pixel Design

Orenda Pixel Design Commercial Artist, Digital Artistry and Photo Painting.
Traditional techniques are applied using digital tools. Our Artist apply watercolor, oils, impasto, digital techniques to create photo artistry.

We present these creations in our Web-collections. These collections add up to include thousands of exclusive, limited editions, and custom works. Contributing artists are adding fine art continuously and this can be purchase from our catalog on line.

Our goal is to provide the finest in original art to compliment the design of any home, office or commercial establishment. We strive to have the best product, at a good price and available at the right time to willing buyers. The tools on our website allow you to use the latest technology to view your selections in several environments before any final decisions are completed.

Collections include hundreds of exclusive and limited editions developed by our contributing artists. Our collections are arranged by color palette and by special requests of our clients. We work from color swatches and fabric patterns and the idea of a style and content. New color palette and customer requests are being unveiled continuously. The On-line Catalog which contains all our currently available works is constantly being revised.

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Contributing Artists --

Artist’s page Larry Tingley:
As a photographer shooting everything in sight all my adult life, I have boxes of prints and negatives and now my computer is full of digital images.

I think of photography as left brain and drawing as right brain. My camera has an infinite number of calculations to get the photo present before me. My pencil and brush make marks on a canvas subject to my imagination to form an image inspired from photography.

I like loose and impressionistic art as opposed to photo-realism. There is an even split between urban and nature images in my library. A number of original sketches and painting are being
integrated with Photoshop and Corel Painter. Living in Reno provides me with many events and scenic views of the natural wonders to capture and interpret in my art.

I mainly do Commercial art -- that is creating to some commercial constraints such as marketing goals. When I relax from the job I am involved in fine art – this is purely a result of the inspiration of the artist, commercial art is based on some level of business or functional requirements. My Fine art is art developed primarily for aesthetics or beauty, distinguishing it from applied art, which also must serve some practical function.

My previous work background and experience was always finance, marketing, technology, and commercial sales. The concept behind Orenda Pixel Design is to utilize this background to generate recurring sales from a commercial client base with a custom, single piece or series design to fit the needs of a commercial buyer (Interior Designer or Architect for a client). My Business is accomplished by setting down with a prospect; discuss contents, color and style then present multiple options that are selected from for a set of final pieces customized to their needs. At the same time, I will still sell residential pieces to business owners and manager and have an online gallery of many collections generated by demand.

Barbro Paulsson
My background is in theater, film and photography. I was educated at the University College of Film in Stockholm, the GFU school of Photography, and Film and Media science at Stockholm University. I specialize in Fine Art and documentary photography and have been involved in photography since the late '70s.
Lately, I found a new and more artistic approach to working with my images, where I layer several of my photos on to each other and transforming them into something new.
My work has been published in books and magazines and has been used for record covers and illustrations.
My photographs can be found in private collections both in Sweden and abroad.


Codie Moore

Dave Hattori –
I am a photographer and photo artist from Apex, North Carolina. A love of the outdoors, nature and travel have strongly influenced my choice of photographic subject matter. Based on images that I have captured with my camera, I create photo art that celebrates the beauty, revels in the wonder and showcases the mystery that I find in the world. Creating photo art allows me to further explore, elevate and extend those images beyond what the camera records and better reflect what I see in my mind’s eye.

My photo art starts with one or more of my photographs. Sometimes they are found when perusing my collection of past shots looking for inspiration. It is always fun revisiting old photos and discovering how to use them in a different way. Other times as I am taking the shot I know I am going to use it in a composition, either as a main subject or additional element in a larger piece.

Often I have a clear vision or at least a direction for where I want a piece to end up. Frequently though, the work evolves as elements and textures are added, removed or blended until something totally unexpected is created. Playing to see what happens is a large and exciting part of the process and makes my creative journey all the more interesting!

Jim Laskowicz

Kathleen Greenwood
Artists Statement: I am a self-taught artist who has evolved technically and conceptually through workshops( locally and out of state) online digital courses, DVD’s and online educational videos. I also have an extensive library of books on mixed media, and alternative and traditional photography. My personal interests, thoughts, along with my life experiences can be observed in my work. My style is eclectic and my most recent endeavor includes creating designs within a similar theme.

I am often following multiple paths simultaneously with a vision to create art that combines traditional with non-traditional elements. Although I may have some set patterns in my workflow, I do not have a set formula for a lot of the designs I create. Experimentation is the key element in a lot of my work and often an idea may occur that has no rhyme or reason. I do not always have a pre-conceived vision but don’t exclude specific planning for some compositions.

My inspiration comes from daily life, past and present artists, professional and none-professional artists and artists from all walks of like. “Living the Photo Artisticâ€